C Cubed Capital Partners, LLC is a litigation finance company focused on helping contingency law firms with working capital solutions.



1800 N. Military Trail, Suite 470, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Specialty Finance

C Cubed Capital Partners LLC Specialty Finance Group is focused on private direct lending opportunities.

Account Receivables Factoring

Our group provides working capital solutions to B2B companies by buying the receivables at a discount. This allows companies to convert outstanding invoices or recurring revenues to cash.

Bridge Real Estate Loans

We provide bridge financing solutions to the commercial real estate market, developers, and managers to secure near term financing to capitalize on special situations.

Agricultural Financing

Our group provides short term agricultural real estate financing, with terms that can range between two to three years. We can take either a senior or junior position depending on the opportunity.

Asset Management

Our group provides working capital As a registered investment advisor, C Cubed is focused on delivering compelling investment strategies in today’s complex economic backdrop. Our investment approach is thoughtful and aims to deliver strong risk adjusted returns. Investors may choose to work with us through separately managed accounts, or private funds. allows companies to convert outstanding invoices or recurring revenues to cash.

C Cubed also looks to become an emerging leader in the asset securitization market focusing on packaging esoteric asset based loans that deliver strong diversification benefits to a broader investment portfolio.

Law Firm Finance

Enhancing Financial Resources for Legal Success

Post-Settlement Advances

Advancing Capital to Cover Immediate Needs

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