C Cubed Capital Partners, LLC is a litigation finance company focused on helping contingency law firms with working capital solutions.



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Post-Settlement Funding: Your Firm’s Financial Power

Why Wait of Fettlement Funds? Your Victory Should Pay Off Now.

Immediate Cash Flow

Don't let your firm's finances stagnate waiting for settlement funds. With C Cubed Capital Partners, LLC, transform your hard-won victories into immediate working capital.

Client Satisfaction

Show your clients that their successful outcomes are your priority. Speedy post-settlement processes mean satisfied clients and strong referrals.

Strategic Reinvestment

Directly reinvest in your firm's growth. Our post-settlement funding enables you to: hire additional talent, expand your marketing efforts and invest in new technology.

Visualizing the Benefits

Imagine your firm as a tree flourishing from the nourishing rain of our funding, bridging financial gaps and catalyzing growth and success.

Law Firm Finance

Enhancing Financial Resources for Legal Success

Commercial Litigation

Meritorious Single Event Commercial Cases

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