C Cubed Capital Partners, LLC is a litigation finance company focused on helping contingency law firms with working capital solutions.



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Navigating Financial Challenges with Meritorious Claims

At C Cubed Capital Partners, LLC, we offer strategic financial solutions for companies in commercial litigation to ensure meritorious claims are pursued without financial constraints.

Tailored Financial Support

Understanding that each commercial litigation case is unique, we customize financial solutions to meet your case's specific needs and timelines, ensuring your company has the resources to endure the entire litigation process.

Risk Mitigation

Recognizing the significant financial risks in commercial litigation, our funding solutions provide a safety net, enabling your company to pursue justice and rightful claims without compromising financial stability.

Enhancing Legal Strategy

Our financial support allows your company to focus on developing a robust legal strategy, enabling access to top-tier legal representation, critical resources for case preparation, and navigating the litigation process without financial stress.

Streamlined Legal Processes

We offer streamlined financial processes to enhance efficiency and reduce administrative burdens, allowing your legal team to concentrate on case strategy and client advocacy, ensuring smoother legal proceedings.

Law Firm Finance

Enhancing Financial Resources for Legal Success

Post-Settlement Advances

Advancing Capital to Cover Immediate Needs

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