C Cubed Capital Partners, LLC is a litigation finance company focused on helping contingency law firms with working capital solutions.



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C Cubed Capital Partners: Specialized Financial Solutions for Legal and Litigation Challenges

Welcome to C Cubed Capital Partners, where we specialize in providing tailored financial solutions to meet the unique demands of the legal sector. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by law firms, attorneys, and their clients, we offer a range of specialized services designed to support and empower legal success. Our expertise lies in offering strategic financial backing, ensuring that legal professionals and their clients have the necessary resources to effectively manage and win their cases.

Law Firm Loans

Empowering Law Practices Through Tailored Financial Support

At C Cubed Capital Partners, we recognize the unique financial demands faced by law firms. Our Law Firm Loans are crafted to provide robust support, ensuring your firm has the resources to flourish. Ideal for covering a spectrum of needs from marketing initiatives to staffing and daily operations, our loans also cater to case-related expenses. This empowers your firm to embrace more opportunities and clients, without the worry of financial limitations.

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Post-Settlement Financing

Transform Your Settlements into Immediate Capital

Achieving legal victories is momentous, yet the wait for post-settlement funds can pose challenges. C Cubed Capital Partners’ Post-Settlement Financing bridges this gap. We specialize in turning post-settlement fees and awards into immediate, accessible capital. This service is crucial for attorneys and clients requiring prompt financial liquidity after a verdict or settlement, ensuring your financial needs are met promptly and efficiently

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Commercial Litigation Financing

Strategic Financial Solutions for Litigation Challenges

Navigating commercial litigation requires significant resources, especially for cases with meritorious claims. C Cubed Capital Partners offers Commercial Litigation Financing to provide companies with the necessary financial backing during litigation. Our approach is to offer strategic solutions that bolster your litigation efforts, ensuring ample resources to pursue and sustain your legal claims effectively.

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